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Cuppatea Teatox is the Next In Thing for Detoxifying Your Body!

Teatox-ing is the current trend in staying healthy and I've been dying to get my hands on one of them. And at last! I managed to secure a 14 days program set from CuppateaUK and here's my thoughts on them.

To be honest, I am a newbie in this whole detoxing thing. I have never really bothered much about cleansing my bowels and whatnot as ain't nobody got time for that. However, due to inconsistency of meal times (e.g. skipping meals, heavy eating, consumption of unhealthy food) ever since I started working, my tummy often feels bloated and it's getting rounder than it used to *cries*. Also, I decided to try the Teatox instead of other detoxing methods because of my love for tea.

Previously, I used to weigh 45KG and during that period I was really pumped up for gym but as my work life and studies literally eats into my personal life, it pretty much messed up my entire meal routine and the whole staying healthy plan. Sadly, I am now sitting on 48KG and it pretty much took a toll on my self-esteem level in clothes choices especially wearing crop tops CAUSE MY TUMMY CAN'T PULL IT OFF ANYMORE BECAUSE IT IS FAT LIKE A BALLOON!

So, Cuppatea is a UK based company that promotes healthy living and natural beauty through their Teatox program set by using 100% all natural ingredients. The purpose of Cuppatea's Teatox is mainly to aid weight loss through balanced diet and regular exercise regimen. Yes, it is only meant to aid and not be a miracle drink that would be able to get you from size 8 to size 2. Nevertheless, it definitely does help in losing some weights as it helps to remove the toxins within the body that leads to flabby tummies.

Like I mentioned earlier, I often have irritable bowel syndrome (where I burp and farts way more often than average) due to unhealthy eating schedules. Which is why I decided to go on a 14 day program to cleanse my body's system from the toxic that's causing my body to feel uncomfortable.

I am aware that there's a lot of Teatox brands out there now in the market and you probably wanna know how this brand fairs in terms of taste and effectiveness before trying this brand out. So, here goes:

Cuppatea comes in two different packets where the Morning Detox consist of 14 sachets and Bedtime Cleanse only consist of 7 sachets. Both packages comes with zip-lock to ensure freshness of the tea leaves.

The morning Teatox is pretty much my next favorite drink now because of it's aroma and taste. Imagine having an Oolong tea mixed with Chamomile's soothing sensation, yeap..a total breezy feeling to your throat and this is what the morning tea cleansing feels like. The bittersweet aroma and taste is so soothing to have in the morning or during the day that I honestly wish I could just consume this everyday even after 14 days. Also, I was told that the morning cleansing tea contains mild caffeine however, I couldn't really tell because I am quite a sleepyhead to begin with. I mean even Nescafes and Redbull could not keep me awake so, I wouldn't expect much effect in terms of keeping me awake from the morning tea.

As for the bedtime teatox cleansing, I don't entirely fancy it as it seems to have a weird aftertaste. Truth to be told, it tasted like ginseng tea and I personally do not like ginseng taste. The irony to it is that the morning teatox consist of Ginseng Roots but I couldn't really taste a single drop of Ginseng flavor yet I tasted a somewhat similar aftertaste of Ginseng within the Bedtime Teatox which by right does not consist of any Ginseng. Well, at least that is according to the ingredients list. To make matters worst, the somewhat similar taste to Ginseng would be worst when the tea is cold. Also, the bedtime cleansing tea causes laxatives approximately after 8 hours of consumption as it cleanses your bowels during the night. So, a gentle reminder would be to take it 8 hours before you head off to work or you're gonna suffer when you are at work. A better recommendation would be to take it between 8 - 10PM after meal to avoid a horrible experience at workplace or in college. The laxatives to the bedtime teatox was definitely effective as I hit the toilet thrice! So, yeah it is indeed that effective and of course, over time the laxatives wasn't that serious and the amount of toilet visiting reduced to once.

Precaution: If you're experiencing serious laxative after consuming the bedtime teatox cleansing, do visit a doctor.

As a whole, I do like Cuppatea's teatox, though the night tea's taste isn't to my liking but it's bearable for a healthier me. Also, I definitely experience less farting and burping after consumption of the teatox. In terms of weight loss, I ain't too sure about that because it's only Day 3 for me however, my tummy definitely felt less rounder.

I would totally recommend this teatox to all the tea lovers out there who's looking for a way to stay healthy and stay clean from body toxins.

14 Day Teatox: RM 112.38
28 Day Teatox: RM 194.97
Sale 14 Day Teatox (x2): RM224.46 RM179.60 (20% OFF)

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Stay healthy and stay fit peeps! <3

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