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Beauty and the Feast Spa Party @ Herbaline, Puchong

I have always wanted to visit Herbaline because of the numerous good reviews I have heard about them and the wide range of beauty services that they have to offer but I never had the opportunity to do so because I was too busy with studies to get myself some pampering sessions.

Just as I completed my studies, I received an invitation to attend a party by Herbaline called Beauty and the Feast Spa Party @ Herbaline, Puchong. What a perfect timing!

The interior design of the place is exquisite. As you walk into the compound, it feels like you are stepping into a resort club. The Facial Spa branch registration area was spacious and modern. The Spa section totally screams Zen! Warm dim-litted lights and wooden flooring with spotlights only at designated areas were so enchanting that it's heavenly.

I could not hold in my excitement that even before I started my first pampering session, I have already note it down in my mind that I will be coming back here again! Like, Herbaline, PLEASE JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

Fish Spa

The Foot Bath was interesting. Based on my newbie experience to spas (only been two 2 spas in my life), my foot is usually washed by the masseur but in Herbaline, it seems that we are supposed to wash it on our own. So, I was pretty lost with the tools provided as I have never scrub my own feet before using a brush. So, all I did was that I just soak my feet into the nice warm water that has salt added in to sanitize them from bacteria.

After the foot bath, I was supposed to go for a foot spa with the fishes but because of my recent fall and treatment from Chinese Sinsei that involves punching holes into my ankle, the healing wound on my ankle prohibits me from dipping it in in case I kill the fishes or the fishes could transmit uncalled for diseases to me. So, no ticklish sensation experience for me :(

Sea Salt

Next was the Sea Salt Therapy Room where customers are supposed to take off their clothes and wear the provided kimono and get themselves buried by sea salt for at least 20minutes. It is said that the sea salt helps to improve blood circulation by balancing the electrolytes in the body and provides whitening benefits to the skin.

Other services available at the Puchong outlet are massages, facial spa, butterfly embroidery and each facial session will be revitalize with a lavender scent and a lemongrass scent before and after each treatment to calm the nerves.

Aroma Therapy Pot
All services provided will be done in a private Balinese-like room. They also do provide a couple room for couples to enjoy the relaxation together but it has to be with the company of a female.

Couple's Massage Room

Single Facial Spa Room
Their facial spa services ranges from fish spas, sea salt therapy, facial, threading, ear candling, waxing to full body massage and all this is within the price range of RM59 - RM250.

Consultation Area

Miriam and Sara
After much pampering, we head over to Mama Kim for dinner. A plate of Chicken Salad was served as an appetizer along with a cold teapot filled with passionfruit tea. The salads were really fresh and the chicken meat were tasty while the fruit tea was sweet and luscious. Next, comes the main course, the Sauna Mee. It was the best hotstone pot of 80% vegetable and 20% meat noodles I have ever tasted in my life! The soup taste was divine, I literally finished the entirely hot stone pot of noodles along with the soup and stole some of Miriam's because it was just so so so good.

Chicken salad & Passion fruit tea
We finish off our meal with a sumptuous bowl of black glutinous rice pudding as dessert and a glass of warm lemongrass. The Black Glutinous Rice Pudding taste was just average and I did not gulp the lemongrass drink down because I do not like lemongrass at all. However, if you do like a cup of lemongrass, do order one at Mama Kim because their lemongrass drink is really concentrated. 
Signature Suana Mee
CK Low, Founder of Herbaline, explained that he decided to make his idea a reality because he wants everyone to

                                                          "EAT WELL, LOOK WELL, LIVE WELL"

And thanks to the brilliant idea, Herbaline is able to expand up to 19 outlets in Selangor and provide up to 3 different types of services: eateries - Mama Kim, beauty salon - Herbaline Facial Spa and a staycation place - Sojourn House (only available at Pandan Indah) just so that everyone can enjoy and have a good and healthy living lifestyle.

The Beau Store

Though Herbaline Puchong does not provide staycation like the one they have at Pandan Indah, Facial Spa and Mama Kim was definitely more than enough to appease me. I would definitely visit Herbaline again.

No. 39, Jalan Layang-Layang 4,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
+60380826063 (Facial Spa)
+60358791150 (Mama Kim)

With love,
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