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PINK by Pure Beauty Watsons Product Launch [Review]

Pure Beauty has launched yet another range of skincare product known as PINK at Sunway Pyramid's Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe in the month of November 2015 with Stevensunny sharing with us his secrets and tips to K-Grooming.

PINK by Pure Beauty is probably one of Pure Beauty's latest products that has an extremely addictive bubblegum-like scent (stay tune to find out which product it is). Like most of Pure Beauty's sister products, this range continues to stay true towards promoting a Korean skin complexion with an added touch of pink to the skin as the color pink on skin is often associated as a healthy looking skin (not the pimples or blemishes kind of pink that some of you might have in mind).

In order to provide its user that pinkish glowing skin, PINK by Pure Beauty uses a unique combination of PhytoCellTec Alps Rose with Pink Flower Capsule and active whitening ingredients which would supply sufficient moisture to the skin for the brightening and glowing look.

The PINK range consist of 4 (FOUR) products:

Don't get confuse by its name as the essence water works exactly like a toner. The only difference to it is that its property concentration is high like its Essence yet, it is lightweight as it is water based. It is always best to use toners with a cotton pad however, the Essence Water can be applied without a cotton pad, just spray either on your hand or face and pat to dry (this method is only recommended for those with really dry skin).

This product is probably its best-selling product in the market store as the scent of it is just so addictive. The scent really makes you feel like eating it though everyone knows what will happen to them if they do. Aside from its highly attractive scent, the Pudding Cream has a light-pink hue gel-like texture that glides smoothly and emits a cooling sensation upon application.

Unfortunately, I was not able to determine the level of moisturizing and its sensitivity level on my skin as the Pudding Cream was only available during the event as testers but not a bring-it-home and try it yourself thus, I was only able to test it out on my hands which I often find it less accurate as my hands are not as sensitive and moisturizing as my face. However, I believe the Pudding Cream is suitable for users that has normal to dry skin type as it was not in anyway near oily (over moisturizing).

A poreless complexion is like an obsession for every girl and many Korean brands knows that, including Pure Beauty (click here to know more about pores). The Blur Cream is said to minimizes the pores size thus leading the skin to look poreless, moist and translucent.

I personally do not fancy creams that targets towards minimizing pores as it is a long-term results and normal camera as well as our eyes are not able to see the differences. However, I do fancy the fact that it causes my pores to feel less clogged whenever I put on foundation. This makes it a great makeup base.

Just like every other Essence in the market, this product works the same. Upon application of the Pudding Cream, use the Essence for that extra "lock" moisture. This would make the skin glow due to sufficient hydration. If you have oily skin, avoid using this as it would cause your face to experience breakout. However, do give it a try as the level of moisture "lock" is uncertain as I was not able to test it out as my daily skincare regimen.

In all honesty, I am definitely attracted to its packaging names as well as the Pudding Cream's scent. These are the only two main reasons why I would actually purchase them on my next store visit. Aside from that, on general perspective, the range does not entice me that much as the box lacks in information such as its suitability of skin type.

Pudding Cream (50ml): RM39.90
Essence (30ml): RM49.90
Essence Water (200ml): RM39.90
Blur Cream (30ml): RM52.90

*All items can be found at your nearest Watsons store.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

To find out more about PINK by Pure Beauty:
Watsons Official Site
Watsons Malaysia FB
Pure Beauty Malaysia FB

Are you currently using or have used PINK by Pure Beauty? Do share with me your experience as I am all out to hear what you have to say about it =)

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  1. Devastated that I wasn't in town to join you girls but I actually got the Pudding Cream and the Blur Cream on my own because I just cannot resist it.


  2. Siapa nak set pure beauty pink sy nk let go. Ade essence water, essence, lotion, pudding cream dan blur cream. Satu set sy letgo rm 130 sahaja. Bru pakai 6 hari.. Xsesuai dgn kulit sy.

  3. Siapa nak set pure beauty pink sy nk let go. Ade essence water, essence, lotion, pudding cream dan blur cream. Satu set sy letgo rm 130 sahaja. Bru pakai 6 hari.. Xsesuai dgn kulit sy.

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  5. Doudle thumbs up!! ���� to PINK BY PURE BEAUTY❤ im using my so glow essence and my skin.. OMG ������ its getting brighter and glowering very day.. #saranghae PINK BY PURE BEAUTY ������

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