Monday, January 25, 2016

First Bleaching Experience @ Hair Fancier Da:men USJ

As a new year starts, and with Chinese New Year being around the corner, a new look is like a must to have for that new fresh start. Besides, I had been dying to bring my hair experience to a whole new level since 2015 and what other better time to revamp my look.

The experience was honestly an unscheduled event as I was out scouting for a hair saloon with my boyfriend for just a simple haircut and maybe a full-head promotion dye until I stumble upon HairFancier at Da:men USJ.

Hair Fancier is more than just a conventional hair saloon that does cuts, trim, and hair styling. They started off as a scalp treating company that later extended into a hair saloon. Though they do agree that hair dyes and other hair chemicals are bad for the scalp that would often lead to unhealthy hair growth at a later time, they believe that their treatments are able to allow people to continue to enjoy beautiful hair look while having a healthy scalp. So, do not be afraid if they suddenly do a scalp analysis and starts offering scalp treatments or solutions.

They have over 7 branch opened around Klang Valley and Johor.

My entire makeover took at least 9 hours within the time span of 2 days as I started it on a Saturday evening. It was meant to finish within a day but due to my previous red hair dye that was still inside my hair cuticles, Jxtein (my hairstylist) had a hard time removing the pigments off my hair as a usual 2-3 bleaching process was insufficient. So, I ended up bleaching my hair 4 times. They wanted to bleach one more time as my hair was still a little yellow-ish, orange (you can see from the picture above) but they were afraid that if they do so, my hair will literally snap.

After harshly removing every pigments on my hair and applying the color dye, this is my new look!

It was meant to be a grey tone ombre however, due to the failure to completely remove the remaining colors in my hair, the end result became ash grey ombre (with a little violet hue, I can't really see it, but I have been getting that over the past few days when I am under sunlight).

I would definitely come back and visit them again as Jxtein was really good. My current haircut was solely recommended by her based on my hair condition of high forehead and hair thinning. Though the hair dye result was not the exact color that I wanted, I still like it as it still looks good on me! The only downfall to it is that, I should had opt for a full head, one color instead of an ombre but nevertheless, it was a great experience.

Hair Fancier at Da:men USJ is offering 50% on all services during weekdays and 30% off on all services during weekends as their store opening promotion. So, hurry over and get yourself a new look during this Chinese New Year!

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Lot no.L3-08 
Da:men USJ 
1,Persiaran Kewajian,
USJ 1, 47600
Subang Jaya,Selangor
For Reservation:
Mobile: +60169243103
Direct line: +603-8011 8883
Hair Fancier Salon Group FB Page

P.S: I could not snap much picture of my hair with a brighter lighting as my hair was done at night (which explains my exhausted face). =(

With love,
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  1. Pretty!!!! Love your new hairstyle babe. She sure knows what hairstyle suits you best. Tempting me to change my hairstyle too


    1. Thanks babe <3 haha. you should! I bet Jessica and Sara would agree with me =P

  2. How much for hair colouring?


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