Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Sandakan Girl is Crowned as the Winner of FreshLook FreshFaces Girl Search 2015!

One of the perks of being a college girl is that there are endless opportunities made for college kids to shine. Whether it's an innovation challenge or a contest that brands the coolest kid in town, it is often about having fun. Though this post isn't about the smartest kid in town who's won himself a job at Google, it is about a young girl who became the winner FreshLook FreshFaces's Girl Search 2015 winner.

FreshLook FreshFaces Girl Search 2015 hosted by Alcon Malaysia and MYC! scout over 2,221 young girls and 26 universities - to search for the one girl with the most colorful personality, one who is able to empower other young women to live their lives colorfully. After months of scouting, pinning it down to 30 finalist and sending the girls off for intensive training with Color Etiquette and Grooming by Michelle Lim, Corporate Grooming Consultant; Poise & Posture by Amber Chia, International Celebrity Model, and Social Media Etiquette by Jason Ko, Chief Executive Officer of MYC!

These girls definitely strut the stage with full of confidence and poise. Here, have a look at it yourself!

Mind you, majority of them are between the age of 18 - 21 years old who has not have any experience catwalking on stage.

Though they were dolled up by Kiss Me makeup artist, their runway dresses and style were self-pick and sponsored by Zalora. And I am totally impressed with all of their taste in fashion as it really compliments their body figure and personality. They definitely put up an amazing show by strutting their fashion style and catwalk skills with all they've got.

After strutting the runway with 2-3 outfits (2 gowns and 1 stress fashion style) and putting up a fantastic acapella performance. Katrina Kayora Ong, 19 from Sandakan who's currently studying at INTI University was crowned as the winner of FreshLook FreshFaces 2015. Congratulations girl!

If you want to know more about how these girls were able to strut the runway with such confidence, do head on over to the following links for more information:
Alcon Malaysia FB
MYC! Magazine FB

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