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Best Japanese Soft Serve Ice-cream @ P.S. Tokyo [Review]

As softserve ice-cream begins to be Malaysians top trending dessert of the year, P.S. Tokyo decides to bring you Japan's inspired soft-serve ice cream to tickle and satisfy your sweet-tooth.

The cafe recently open its doors to the public within the area of SS2. They are located at the same row as SS2's police station right above a DVD corner shop. The loud music played by the DVD shop might create the impression that the shop is going to be noisy but trust me, once you're in the cafe, be prepare to be awed by the simple, spacious, quiet and cozy concept =).


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Well, as mentioned, their signature product is their Softserve Ice-Cream and who does not love a good Japanese flavor ice-cream to satisfy your sweet Japanese tooth, right? More so if the ice-cream has one of the richest flavoring I've ever tasted. It is so toothsome, sweet, smooth and milky that every lick of it had me feeling like I was on cloud nine! No kidding! The thought of it at this very moment while I am writing this post is already making me craving for it like nuts. The softserve ice-cream is available in three different flavors: Matcha, Hojicha and Milk. I personally love the Hojicha flavor as it has the roasted green tea taste which is exactly the same taste you get from a good cup of Hojicha. The soft-serve does comes with toppings but I like my ice-cream without toppings just the way it is =)


Among all the cakes that P.S. Tokyo serves, their cheese cake is my top favorite cake in store and around town, aside from Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheese Cake which is the bomb but P.S. Tokyo's Cheese Cake is just as good as it is. Though the appearance does not look as appetizing as Uncle Tetsu's, the texture is definitely still soft, fluffy and tasty!


MUST TRY. If you are craving for a cheese cake but you  know that is just going to make you suffer a lot during gym time, you are going to love this cake. This cheese cake would make you think that you are consuming a less fattening cake as the cake is Tofu! Because of the ingredient use the cake's texture is extremely similar to a tofu and like every tofu's serve with sugar (either brown or white sugar), this comes with a ginger brown sugar sauce to give the extra "kick". When I first tried it, my taste buds could not stomach the ginger taste as I am no fan to ginger but I couldn't stop myself from taking one bite after another as the sweetness of the brown sugar and the softness of the tofu overshadows the sour-ish pungency that gingers emits. I would totally dig this cake as my top favorite if it wasn't for the slight ginger taste but I doubt the cake would be as addictive as it is if the ginger was minus off as gingers are known to enhance the food's flavoring.


Similar to Original Tofu Cheese Cake but minus off the white appearance and ginger brown sugar. This cake taste pretty decent and it is the perfect dessert for all sesame lovers and cheese cake lovers.


Matcha fans should give this cake a try as the bottom crust of the cake just brings the matcha sensation to a whole new level.

All these Japanese feels and desserts would not be complete without the company of a Japanese beverage. Tea, coffee and soft drinks sold within the cafe are all imported from Japan. Their tea is available in three different premium Japanese tea flavors: Matcha (green tea), Hojicha (roasted green tea) and Genmaicha (rice green tea) while their coffee also comes in three different coffee level: Light, Mild, and Strong.

The cafe owners treasures the moments you spent in their cafe. So, what other better ways to encourage patrons to leave a trail of all their happy moments spent in their stores. Thus, they've created a area designated for photo printing. All you pro-photographers gotta do is:
1) snap pictures
2) hashtag (#pstokyo) on Instagram
3) wait for your pictures to be printed out from the designated printer
4) clip one copy onto their wall of memories.
5) bring home the other copy for safekeeping.

Menu and pricing list.

I really love the desserts serve at the cafe so as the whole idea of a simple and slick design concept. It is a perfect place for beautiful Instagram photos. If only they had like a lounge area and WiFi access or else I would had made this place my stress-free work zone. Will definitely be visiting this shop again soon. In need of the Hojicha ice-cream!

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

P.S. Tokyo loves to give out free stuffs once in a while but I'll never know what's in stores as they are just so quick with their promos. Just like a ninja! So, to catch hold of their Ninja skills, do follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out what special offers they have in store for you fellow Japanese food lovers at:
Facebook: P.S. Tokyo
Instagram: @PSTokyo

Opening Hours:
12:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Close on Monday.

80, Jalan SS 2/60
SS 2, 47300
Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

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